skarabeo believes in the beauty and the perfection of the written word, and also in the transparency, the power and the value of human relationships.

Translating is not simply the understanding of the meaning of single words that are then reproduced, one after the other, on paper. It means recreating, adapting and rethinking a test for a different reality.

We live in a virtual era, in which people meet, exchange messages and conclude transactions through the Internet. Even though this way of working is practical and fast, this approach does not encourage human relationships and often ends up creating detachment and making business activity impersonal. 

I appreciate the benefits of technical tools and I consider the Internet to be a useful research and communication tool but at the same time in my work I attach a lot of importance to personal contact. In this way, I am able to learn more about the particular requirements and goals of my clients and to have a better sense of the background in which their companies operate. This approach allows me to understand the audience for a particular text and to grasp the real meaning, the right tone and the true message of a document. Translating does not simply mean understanding the sense of each single word, but rather recreating, adapting and reformulating a text for a different market. For this, it is fundamental to be deeply familiar with the social, cultural and linguistic reality of a company and also to recognize its technical standards, stylistic requirements and the expectations that lie behind.

I guarantee: